About Me

​​​​​​​​When I'm working in my studio, I am free.​​

Without intention, Charlene's paintings emit a wondrous and distinctive mystique.  Her aim is to heighten and indulge the senses, to create a true emotional connection between the viewer and her subject.   ​

Charlene Elliott and her husband reside just outside of Toronto, Canada where she works from her home studio, with her muse at her side, Gypsy, a loving little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

​​When I paint commissions of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, I'm always provided with a reference photo by the client.   Unfortunately there are times when these photos can be challenging to work from, since these photos are often taken quickly and in the moment (with the client's cellphone), which can make them blurry, hazy and lacking in contrast.  But these photos are the pet owner's personal preference and depict how they, themselves, "see" their dog.   Beyond the blurriness, the haziness and the odd camera angle that the photo was taken, the dog's personality is almost always captured in their photos.  I am dedicated to ensuring that my paintings reflect the pet's special, individual character. This is what gives my paintings their uniqueness and why my paintings really do look like their dog, even if the reference photo wasn't the best to work from.

For my Wildlife paintings, I would like to credit two of my favourite professional photographers who have been very gracious and kind to allow me to paint from their photos.  

Michel Godimus of Yosomono Photography
Michel is a French photographer and guide working and living in Japan. He travels all over the world, exploring the planet's vast diversity of landscapes, culturalism and wildlife.  He is highly specialized in his work, capturing extraordinarily, breathtaking and awe-inspiring images.  His images are large, detailed and sharp, something I highly regard when painting from photos.  I first discovered his work through another wonderful Australian artist and then through National Geographic's Instagram page, where his photos have been highly praised numerous times.  To view his incredible work, please visit his website

Megan Lorenz of Megan Lorenz Photography
Megan is based in Toronto and is an internationally recognized professional photographer with a passion for wildlife and nature. She is self-taught and has a distinctive style which makes her photographs instantly recognizable.  She exhibits an unending amount of patience, which helps her in the field while she waits for the perfect moment to capture the image.  Megan is a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient for her contribution to Canadian wildlife photography.  I discovered Megan's work while searching for Canadian wildlife subjects to paint and found her Canada Lynx and Red Fox images and many others, to be, in two words, beyond perfection.  To view her work, please visit her website