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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Commission Prices

My prices vary and depend on the size and the amount of detail desired in the painting.  For single subject, head/shoulders, and with a simple background:  
                                                             6" x 6"               $250 
                                                             8" x 10"            $400
                                                          10" x 12"            $650
                                                          11" x 14"            $850
                                                          16" x 20"            $1600
                                                          18" x 24"            $2000
                                                          24" x 24"            $2800

Prices are in US dollars.
More sizes available upon request.
For highly detailed paintings, the price would be higher.
For larger paintings, the price would be higher.

Large Wildlife Paintings

My large size wildlife paintings are painted on baltic birch wood panels which are manufactured in Canada.  I personally sand and seal both the front and back of the panels with 2 coats of high quality gloss medium, followed with 2 coats of premium gesso.  The first layer is applied with a foam roller, the second layer is applied with a wide brush, so that the beauty of the brush strokes show through the artwork.  Every art piece is crafted by hand with care.  These paintings are large and highly detailed.  The painting style is realism and takes a considerable amount of time to complete.  The results are breathtaking.  Pricing for a custom wildlife painting is available upon request, or you can purchase one of my already finished luxury paintings here.  (Paintings will be shown as they become available).

Please advise whether you prefer oil or acrylic.  In both cases, I use only superior materials.  The advantage to requesting an acrylic painting is that the painting would be finished sooner, as it would not need extra drying time.  I seal both types of paintings with premium varnish which will protect your investment for decades.
Both create equisite results.  Both oil and acrylic prices are the same.  

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